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Schartier Isaac

Naming Convention

Of course Naming Convention on assets still subjective to each.

But if have some doubt about some asset naming you can look at this github repository

It remains a good way to start and prepare your landmark


Basically you can use Git or Perforce as a Versionning Tool in Unreal Engine

It's very important when you create a project especially for backup or rollback

And more for team work I would say it’s almost essential.

Of course when it's the first time you use it or still learning, It will take you a long time to learn and assimilate it

So maybe it's better to learn it on a project test or small project before making critical manipulations on a too much important project


About version number on a game (like 0.2.1), you can read this

A very great resource about how you should number your project versions

· One min read
Schartier Isaac

My Game Development

I experiment creating a game in my free time

You can test it for free by request access in Steam as a Playtest

Dragon Uprising - Online


You can found my assets documentation here

The current state of documentation comes from a big migration, it will be easier to maintain/ correct some points now

So do not hesitate to tell me which point are blurred to know if I can complete little by little